Diamond DA42

MAG Canada provides Multi-Engine Rating and Instrument Rating training using our modern fleet of Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft.

Safety by Design

Diamond’s industry-leading safety record is designed for the bottom up with a long list of active and passive safety features. The DA42 offers the ultimate in handling, stability and control, ease of operation and structural, system and propulsion redundancies.

Sleek All Carbon Airframe

The sleek all carbon composite airframe incorporates advanced aerodynamics with the latest in passive safety technology for high performance, great efficiency, and superior occupant protection. The composite airframe is durable, easily maintained and will keep looking great for many years to come. The DA42 offers exceptional visibility thanks to its panoramic wrap around canopy and generous rear windows.

Jet Fuel Power

MAG Canada’s DA42 aircraft are powered by two Continental TDI turbo diesel piston engines. The fuel-sipping engines are managed by a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system that is so advanced that all the pilot has to do is select the percent power desired with a single control lever per engine.

The 3 blade MT hydraulic constant speed propellers feature advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, smoothness, and low noise. Automatically controlled by each engine’s digital engine control – feathering is as simple as flipping a single switch.

Modern Avionics

The DA42 is designed with the fully integrated Garmin G1000 glass cockpit. The Garmin glass cockpit represents the future of aviation avionics, giving its students experience and confidence in using advanced avionics for both VFR and IFR flying operations. The DA42 includes an autopilot, current navigation data, and is fully IFR certified.



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